Not Ready to Let Your Skirts and Dresses go Just Yet?

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Not Ready to Let Your Skirts and Dresses go Just Yet?

The winter months are fast approaching and there is already a distinct chill in the air. All of the means wrapping up warm against those elements, during the day or night. The problem is, you might be rather attached to your summer skirts and dresses, and not really ready to pack them away for another six months, just yet!

So, how can you get around that problem?

Guys, this isn’t likely to be your problem (or maybe it is, in that case read on!), but ladies, this one is definitely for you.

Most of us have some flirty skater dresses or wrap dresses that we love. You know the type - they fit just where they should, they accentuate the bits you want to accentuate and hide the bits you don’t want on display. Put simply, they’re you’re spring and summer wardrobe staples and you love them. During the warmer months, you wear them without abandon, and dress them up or down accordingly.

We all have several of these items in our wardrobes!

When the colder temperatures arrive, it’s not so easy to wear a dress or skirt with bear legs, and perhaps the pattern doesn’t allow for a different kind of outfit to team it with.


Not always. If your skirt or dress is extremely brightly coloured and patterned, it might be time to let it retire for a rest, but if your skirt or dress is neutral, or it could easily make the transition to the next season, there are some ways you can get around the problem.

The good news is that you don’t have to let your skirts and dresses go, just because the winter months have descended upon us. There are some handy hints and tricks you can use, to keep those favourite items in your regular wardrobe, and not have them collecting dust in another cupboard until spring arrives once more.

Let’s explore.

Tights or Leggings Are Your Friends

Okay, so not everyone is a fan of tights, and understandably so. Having said that, winter does bring many options, i.e. thick tights, thin tights, and these are sometimes more comfortable (and stay up for longer!). If however, you’re not loving the tights idea, then how about leggings?

When worn with boots, with an appropriately coloured dress or skirt over the top, leggings can look super-smart, whilst also keeping you warm. You could also easily team your leggings with flat shoes too if it’s not quite chilly enough for full-on boots. For an off-duty look? Go with Ugg-style boots too!

Leggings are super-versatile and very comfortable. The only problem is that once you start wearing them, you’re likely to be so addicted that wearing anything with a more robust waistband might prove to be uncomfortable!

You can even dress leggings and dresses up for evenings out, if you opt for smart footwear. There are many different types of ankle boots in fashion this season, and these look very on trend when paired with leggings. Go for a boot with a slight heel, to avoid a look which is too ‘off duty’, and you’ll make the transition with ease!

Team Your Dresses With Long Cardigans

Another staple, which allows you to keep your dresses for longer, is to team it all with a long, loose-fitting cardigan. This time of year shows no shortage of knitwear, and a colour matching cardigan, with those leggings or tights, and boots, will look cosy, autumn and winter appropriate, and will also keep the winter chill out.

If you’re trying to dress up a skirt or dress which has shorter sleeves, or is even sleeveless, how about a smart blazer jacket? This will take your look from off duty to evening time with ease, and will keep your arms warm against those blasts of cold air at the same time.

Maxi Dresses For Winter?

There is one exception to this entire rule and it’s one we need to talk about. Maxi dresses. Yes, that summer staple we all adore. 

Now, maxi dresses are not the most ideal dress to keep out for winter. why? Because they’re long and that means they’re not that compatible with various types of winter footwear. There is also the chance that the hemline is going to get rather soggy in the winter rain or even snow. In this situation, it’s best to retire your maxi dresses for the season. Sorry.

However, if you have a very smart maxi evening dress, there is no reason why you can’t continue to wear that for evenings out. The reason is that you’re still likely to wear scrappy sandals or heels to upmarket events during the colder months, and you can always throw a blazer over your maxi, or even a shawl, to keep your arms warm whilst traveling to the event. This is an exception to the maxi dress in winter rule!

So, how do you feel now you know that you don’t necessarily have to wave goodbye to your favorite skater dresses, bodycon dresses, and skirts? Make sure they’re winter compatible (most are unless they have a rather loud pattern on them), and you can easily layer them up. No need to go out and buy a new wardrobe, and you get to stay comfortable and fashionable for the forthcoming season!