Are Statement Knits the New Winter Black?

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Are Statement Knits the New Winter Black?

Everyone wants to be on trend every single season. Whether you go for every item as a bang on trend look, or whether you opt for just one piece which nods to that season’s must-have, being ‘with the moment’ is vital for fashion kudos.

Of course, not every fashion suits every single person or body type, but this winter there is a fashion trend which is both flattering and comfortable, no matter what your shape or size!

Enter the statement knit.

Remember the old Christmas jumpers that everyone always used to pull out of their wardrobe as December 25 neared? They were bright, in your face, often had bells on, and were considered fashion disasters at any other time? Well, you can say goodbye to those this coming winter as we’re all about big, chunky knits which are both comfortable and cosy, whilst ticking fashion boxes.

Sounds great, right?

What is a Statement Knit?

Statement knits are versatile, which basically means they can be patterned, coloured, or they can be textured. The only stipulation is that they make a ‘statement’!

Knitwear such as this is ideal no matter what your shape, but if you’re going for the oversized trend, you should watch the rest of your outfit. For example, an oversized, baggy jumper is bang on trend for this coming colder season, but you will need to pair it with something fitted on your bottom half, to avoid your look going from trendy to fashion police territory. We’re thinking leggings with a longer jumper, or skinny jeans. Opting for a slight heel is also a good idea, to give you some height and avoid the jumper drowning you out. This season is packed with some fantastic footwear fashion choices, with ankle boots really coming to the trend fore. Comfortable and stylish!

Does a statement knit have to be garish? Not necessarily, but patterns and colours are on trend this season. Animal print is a particular style box to tick, and an oversized animal print sweater looks fantastic when paired with black skinny jeans and ankle boots. You’ll be warm and you’ll be comfortable on more than one level - oversized means you don’t have to worry about any bits of yourself that you don’t want on show, making this trend ideal for every single body shape out there!

Of course, oversized isn’t the only way to wear statement knits. You could go for a fitted sweater, perhaps in a bright colour. Pink or purple are two of this season’s trend looks, or you could go totally the other way and opt for a cardigan instead of a sweater. The only tick box is that it is knitted, and that qualifies for the ‘knitwear’ look!

Statement Knit Definite Don’ts

Whilst the statement knit is a big fashion sigh of relief for many people, it is also a perilous area because there are certain pitfalls that you definitely need to avoid.

When wearing statement knits, avoid the following:

  • Never wear an oversized sweater or cardigan with an oversized piece on your bottom half, e.g. baggy jeans or a maxi skirt - go for tailored and fitted on one half, oversized on the other
  • Stick to colours which suit your complexion. The mustard yellow shade is very on trend this season, but it doesn’t suit everyone. If you are very fair, this colour could wash you out. Instead, go for a bold purple or a green, which will give you a glow and be very festive at the same time!
  • Keep the patterns subtle. You will no doubt see some patterns which are more on the unsightly side than pleasant, and these should be avoided. Stick with a pattern that is symmetrical, and in colours which suit you, as before. Animal print is a great go-to, and even stripes can look fantastic when worn in the right way. Remember, horizontal stripes will widen you out, so stick to vertical stripes to add height as an optical illusion
  • If your statement knit is colourful or bold in pattern, keep the rest of your outfit subtle and toned down. Avoid huge colourful jewellery or accessories, and keep everything neutral. If however your statement knit is more of a chunky sweater in a bright colour, feel free to add in the accessories, provided they are in silver or gold, to avoid clashes.

This winter’s statement knit trend is a look which is both cosy and warm, as well as fashionable and stylish. You can dress this look up or down, depending on the piece itself, and you will be warm no matter where you go. All you need to do is choose the rest of your outfit very carefully, to avoid looking more like a Christmas tree than the centrepiece itself!

Of course, hot chocolate is optional, but this is one trend which will certainly have you looking forward to those cold and frosty days!

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