Are You a Fashion Follower, or a Fashion Rebel?

Are You a Fashion Follower, or a Fashion Rebel?

When a new fashion hits the stores, do you jump straightaway to purchase it, or do you wait? When you see a magazine pushing a certain trend, do you decide you simply have to have it, or do you think twice?

Most of us fall into two camps - a fashion follower, or the fashion rebel. Of course, there is a little middle ground too, as most people have moods which change like the wind!

The thing is, if you constantly follow every fashion that appears on the runways of New York Fashion Week, you’re going to be rather low in cash flow, and you could also end up with items which simply aren’t for you. That’s the thing about fashion, not every trend is designed for every person, and it’s about choosing styles and cuts which compliment your body shape and your individual fashion style.

For instance, whilst body con dresses look fantastic on absolutely everyone when worn in the right way, a woman who is a little curvier might not feel comfortable in a dress which is so tight-fitting. That’s not to say she doesn’t look amazing, because she certainly will, but it’s about how you feel inside. If you feel good in the item, you’ll rock it. If you feel unconfident and insecure about what you’re wearing, you really won’t pull it off that well at all.

To help you decide whether you’re a follower or a rebel, let’s explore each one in detail.

The Fashion Follower

The fashion follower is someone who regularly reads fashion magazines and checks trends online. He or she is keen to be seen in the latest looks and will often purchase new pieces as they hit the stores. They like to be the one who is ahead of the fashion game, probably wearing new styles before anyone else.

This is great in many ways because it means you’re always in style, but as we have just mentioned, not every single style will suit every single person. Just because it’s new and a celebrity is wearing it, doesn’t mean you should buy it! This is what big named clothing companies want you to think; that's the very reason why they employ huge stars to wear their clothes! It’s a marketing ploy in so many ways, so the best advice to give you as a fashion follower is to stick to up to date styles by all means, but always ask yourself whether this is a look for you or not, before you buy it.

By thinking twice, you’ll select the right pieces to compliment your body shape and style, and you’ll also save some cash in the process. Being a fashion follower can be an expensive business!

The Fashion Rebel

The fashion rebel is someone who shuns regular fashion and instead goes their own way. Again, this has positives and negatives. As we’re always about positivity, let’s explore that side first.

The fashion rebel expresses themselves and their personality through their clothing in many ways, and this means finding styles, colours, and cuts which suit them. They then tend to stick to this tried and tested routine, perhaps mixing it up a little, but never straying too far away from the original model. Why is this good? Because they know themselves and they know what suits them. This means they always look fantastic.

The negative of this is that by shunning new fashion styles to this degree, and perhaps always going with the same type of style, maybe with the odd deviation, you’re actually missing out on new styles which might take your fashion kudos to the next level. You don’t know that something doesn’t really suit you until you’ve tried it.

The best advice for a fashion rebel is to open your mind just a little. Of course, stick to what you know if it makes you comfortable, but occasionally, throw in the odd daring piece and see what the reaction is. After all, variety is the spice of life!

The Confidence For Change

Once you’ve been following a set routine for a long time, it can be hard to break the cycle. If you’ve always been solid fashion follower, not buying the latest trend might be difficult for you-you might have itchy fingers! If you’ve always been a fashion rebel, opting for something new might cause you to feel less than your confident self.

The best advice on both counts is to just try it once. You can start small and you can build up to larger changes, but a few tweaks here and there could be enough to give you a completely new fashion overhaul, and allow you to wow people in new and interesting ways!

It’s vital that whatever you wear, you feel confident in it. Looking good isn’t about being slim/curvy/athletic or any other type of body shape, it’s about dressing for your specific shape and rocking it with confidence. If you can do that, whatever you wear will be a roaring success!

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