How to Fake Summer Confidence in The Easiest Possible Way!

How to Fake Summer Confidence in The Easiest Possible Way!

Summer is almost upon us and that means one thing - baring more skin.

Yes, as the temperatures rise, it’s borderline impossible to wear layers without feeling as though you’re going to pass out due to heat exhaustion, and whilst that certainly doesn’t mean flashing the flesh, it does mean lighter fabrics and less covered up.

The problem is that not everyone is happy to simply bare their upper arms, their legs, their midriff or other common problem body spots. Whilst we should all be super body confident regardless of our shape and size, man or woman, life simply doesn’t roll that way. For many years, society has told us that we ‘should’ look a certain way and if we don’t meet those standards that it’s something to be ashamed of. Of course, that’s not the truth and we are living in times which are more body shape inclusive. Despite that, confidence isn’t easy to build up after being knocked down for so long.

So, how do you build up your body confidence ready for summer? It’s all in the pieces you choose.

Let’s be honest, both men and women have certain common body parts which they want to hide. Whether you’re super skinny, athletic, curvy, overweight, or somewhere in the middle, you’re bound to have a certain part of your body that you’re not the biggest fan of. This is a normal part of life regardless of your shape, size or gender. To anyone looking in, there is nothing at all wrong with that body part, but to you, it’s an issue. So, in order to feel wonderful this summer season, it’s not about hiding that part, it’s about dressing for your shape and how you feel.

Let’s give a male and female example here.

Without wishing to generalise, women don’t tend to want to show off their stomachs, upper arms or upper thighs. This is often the case regardless of their dress size. So, to get around that feeling of zero confidence, don’t force yourself to wear the latest trends if they make you uncomfortable. Just because a mini denim skirt is featured in all the fashion magazines doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Fashion isn’t designed to suit every single person, pieces are. Perhaps that denim skirt looks wonderful on one woman, but for you, it makes you feel like your thighs are too large, and you simply don’t feel comfortable. It’s easy, don’t wear it! Instead, opt for a flirty skater skirt. This still gives you the mini length that’s on trend for summer, but the slight kick flare will give you extra confidence and hide your thighs, without highlighting the part you want to hide.

Another example is the sleeveless tops. Not all women want to bare their upper arms. There may be absolutely nothing wrong with their upper arms, but they just don’t want to show the world. You know what? That’s absolutely fine. Instead, opt for cap sleeves or a floaty kaftan-style blouse which covers the part you don’t want to showcase, but still keeps you cool with the lightweight fabric.

Can you see how easy this is? The same goes for when you hit the beach. If you don’t want to bare all in a bikini, you don’t have to. Tankinis are great for a piece of middle ground, and one piece swimsuits are seriously in fashion this season. Many of these have body control panels in problem hotspots too. In addition, there are always kaftans and sarongs, which have that boho feel to them and look wonderful regardless of your shape or size!

For the man, the story is a very similar one. Not all guys want to show off their arms either. This is a common problem area for both men and women. Again, you don’t have to wear sleeveless vest tops if you don’t have the muscles to go with them, and who says you need to have muscles anyway? If you don’t want to bare, however, opt for t-shirts with longer sleeves, perhaps just above the elbow

Similarly, you don’t have to wear tight fitting tops which cling to the stomach area either. If you want to go for oversized, that’s a great summer look! You’ll rock the surfer style with ease, and nobody will know that you’re attempting to hide a part of your body that you’re not so confident about.

As you can see, faking summer confidence isn’t about hiding away, it’s about choosing styles carefully and skillfully using the fashion options before you to create a better feel for yourself. Confidence really does come from inside, and if you feel great, without constantly worrying about your arms, legs, stomach, etc, you’ll glow almost as bright as the sun!


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