How to Navigate From Summer to Autumn, With Ease

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How to Navigate From Summer to Autumn, With Ease

The end of summer, moving into Autumn, is not an easy time for fashion. It’s too warm still for coats, it’s too cool for short sleeves. What are you supposed to do?

Thankfully there are many ways you can navigate from one season to the next, without missing out on any fashion kudos along the way. All it takes is a little fashion know-how, and a clever trick - layering.

A New Season Begins

Summer’s warm temperatures and blinding sun are starting to become a distant memory. In its place we are seeing grey days, a little rain, and a distinct drop in temperatures. You can look at this two ways - you can either complain about the lack of warmth, bemoaning the goodbye to flip-flops and skirts/shorts, or you can embrace the change, and look forward to the upcoming party season.

Yes, the winter isn’t with us yet, so we’re not quite into boots and jumpers, but the colder temperatures herald the beautiful colours of autumn, and as such, you can give a huge nod to Mother Nature in your fashion choices.

If you check out many of the latest styles, you’ll see that they come in a range of colours, and most of these colours are neutral or warm. The reason for that is that we move into October and November, we’re seeing the leaves changing colour, we’re noticing slightly frosty mornings, and we’re watching blinding sunsets earlier in the day. Those colours are amazing, aren’t they? Steal them and incorporate them into your look!

Go for burnt oranges as a big nod to this season’s trends. In addition, khaki greens, creams, beiges, and even mustard tones mixed with denim are a great way to show the world that you’re ready for autumn’s colours, as well as the drop in temperature.

Speaking of temperatures, how do you protect yourself from the slight chill at this time of year?

A Temperature Dilemma

Whilst the colours are fantastic as Autumn begins, the fact that you’re in the middle of temperature limbo is not. On the one hand, the days can be quite warm, in fact at some point of the day you’re likely to be sweating a little. On the other hand, the evenings, and especially as early evening approaches, around the 5pm mark, become distinctly chilly. Goosebumps start to appear, and you begin to wish you’d brought a light jacket out with you.

It’s a difficult time to manage, but one thing which will help you navigate from warm to cool like the true fashionista that you are is layering.

Layering is the art of wearing more than one item of clothing on top of the other. You’re probably already aware of this, but you might not be aware of the fact that it can save your blushes, and your warmth, as the seasons shift and change.

Autumn to Winter isn’t the biggest issue, and even Spring into Summer can be managed much more easily; no, the shift between Summer to Autumn is the most difficult of them all. If you can master layering at the time of year, you’ve discovered the secret to season shifts!

You’ve probably been wearing vest tops and sleeveless tops throughout the Summer months, and there’s no reason why you can’t continue to do that now Autumn has arrived. Ladies, a light cardigan over a vest top will suffice, at least in the early part of the season. Guys, a hoodie will do exactly the same thing for you. These items are easy to throw into a bag, or even wear around your waist if you really want to do street style at its best. Then, as the temperature drops, you simply throw it on, showing that you’re still super fashionable, but also rather warm. Seriously, you’ll have plenty of envious looks from your fellow commuters at the bus station, as they sit there shivering in their summer clothes!

Another way to layer is to wear dresses over leggings or tights. If you’re not quite ready to give up your skater skirts and dresses just yet, this is the ideal way to drag a little more wear out of them. Simply throw on a pair of leggings and dress yourself over the top. If leggings are too thick for you, tights will do exactly the same thing. Of course, flat shoes or boots are advised with this type of look, and you’ll be rocking the boho-chic genre with ease.

Can you see how easy layering is, and how it can save you a fortune as one season moves into the next?

Embrace Autumn, and Look Forward to Winter

We cannot stop time from moving onwards, and as much as everyone loves the Summer, there are countless reasons to love the cooler seasons too. We’ve mentioned the beautiful colours, but come on Halloween! Bonfire Night! Christmas! New Year! This time of year has all the best events, and some of the best opportunities to wear a brand new look for every party you attend. Start your planning early, and you’ll be the one turning heads at your work’s Christmas party!

 Of course, this is also the time to start thinking about coats and jackets. Yes, it’s depressing, but look at some of the beautiful designs on offer this season, and your low mood will quickly disappear! FashionPriceKilla has some fantastic and super on trend light jackets, which will easy take you from Summer to Autumn with ease. In addition, check out our range of Winter coats, protecting you from the chill, but adding serious kudos to your new season style.

Come on people, embrace the new season and all its fashion choices!

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