How to Wear a Winter Coat With Style

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How to Wear a Winter Coat With Style

The winter months are upon us, snow is threatening to fall, and the temperatures are starting to plummet.

Of course, all of that means that party season is just around the corner, and that’s a positive!

Whether you love winter time or you hate it, there is one piece of clothing you need in your wardrobe - a stylish coat.

There are many types of coats, and whether you go for a casual choice, a chic option, or something in-between, it’s how you wear it which is the crux between ‘didn’t really try’, and super-fashionable.

Here are a few tips.

Go For a Belted Option
Belted jackets are ideal for giving shape to a piece which might be a little shapeless otherwise. For instance, most long-line jackets would simply hang down the body if they didn’t have a tie option, and this added extra creates a beautiful silhouette, no matter what else you’re wearing with it.

This is also an ideal choice for any body type, because we all need shape! Thinner or more athletic types will need the belt to stop the coat simply hanging down. Curvier shapes will need the belt to show off the hourglass figure, and to stop extra bulk being added to proceedings.

These types of jackets can either be mid-thigh level or a little longer, and they are rarely quite short in length.

Is a Puffa Jacket For You?
Puffa jackets are somewhat of a contentious choice for most people. The thing is, these jackets are very warm, and when worn in the right way they can be very fashionable too. The problem is that they are very bulky, and some people might feel that they’re too bulked up by the extra padding.

There are many other warm jackets which will suit you just as well by avoiding puffa jackets, if you’re someone who is quite curvy in general. If you’re more athletically built, a puffa jacket is a good choice for your body type.

It’s about dressing for your particular body shape, and when one style doesn't suit, another surely will. This is definitely the case with puffa jackets. These are also a more casual type of jacket, so you need to be careful what else you wear with them and the colour option you go for.

Think About Colours Carefully
Speaking of colours, whenever you buy a jacket, you need to assess the colour options very carefully. Your jacket really needs to go with most things, and whilst bright colours might grab attention and add some colour to dull days, they won’t go with every outfit you own. For that reason, it’s often better to go for more neutral colours, such as black, grey, brown, even white or beige.

It’s also a good idea to think about the type of weather you're likely to experience. Lighter shades of coats look great, but if it’s raining and there’s mud around, it’s a recipe for disaster!

Only you can make your colour choice, but simply remember that you want your coat to stand the test of time where winter is concerned, as well as the weather that is sure to come your way. Snow might look picturesque, but when it starts to melt? Mud and splashes!

Have More Than One Option Available
It’s a good idea to have more than one jacket choice. For instance, you should have a casual jacket, a dressy jacket, and a work jacket. This means you can cover any situation and you will be warm no matter what you do. If you’re attending a high powered business meeting, turning up in a brightly coloured puffa jacket is not going to give the right impression! You should leave your casual jackets for off days, and go with your work jacket for any of these types of situations.

Evening Jackets Still Need to be Warm
Of course, December is full of social events and you might be tempted to forgo a jacket altogether, for style purposes, or to go with something thinner, such as a blazer. Don't do this! Hyperthermia is not a good look for anyone. There are many warm evening jackets which will keep you toasty, and still show your style kudos.

Whatever coat you opt for this winter, make sure you ooze festive style and sophistication!

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