How to Wear Bodycon Dress Like a Pro

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How to Wear Bodycon Dress Like a Pro

Bodycon does not stand for body consciousness, no, it stands for body confidence, and you should wear that beautiful bodycon dress like the goddess you are!

There is a school of thought that basically says you shouldn’t wear bodycon unless you’re skinny. That is a myth. Bodycon dresses look fantastic on everyone, it’s simply about the way you wear it, and how much confidence you can muster up at the same time.

It’s totally understandable that if you’re not that confident in your body shape, you might want to avoid wearing anything too tight, but the ironic thing is that by teaming your bodycon dress with the right underwear, as well as the right accessories, you are creating the most beautiful silhouette of them all - the true female silhouette. There is nothing sexier than that, no matter what your shape or size.

What is a Bodycon Dress?

It’s possible you have an idea what a bodycon dress actually is, so let’s do a quick round up and explanation.

A bodycon dress is a dress which is a one piece and it clings to the body. So, if it’s a knee-length dress, it will cling from shoulders to knee; a bodycon dress isn’t designed to be loose fitting in any area at all. Bodycon dresses are usually either mini length, knee length, or mid-calf length, so you can easily find a length that you’re comfortable with; if you’re not the most body confident of people, a mid-calf length bodycon dress will probably make you feel more comfortable. These dresses can also have no straps, be high necked, they can be sleeveless, they can have long sleeves - bodycon is basically extremely versatile, so by missing out on this trend, you’re missing out on true fashion flexibility.

Can I Really Get Away with a Bodycon Dress?

Yes, you can! The myth that you can’t wear a bodycon dress if you have any lumps or bumps is a total lie. Yes, these dresses are tight fitting, but they’re made of mostly Lycra for a reason, i.e. they stretch! The only real precursor to wearing this type of dress is that you feel great in it, so that means picking the right dress, the right underwear, and the right shoes to make yourself feel like a million dollars. If you can do that, you’ll turn heads for very positive reasons indeed!

If you’re a little conscious about your figure, you could opt for shapewear, which is basically controlled underwear, to pull you in and to eliminate any lumps or bumps you don’t want on show. These are very easy to find in most lingerie stores and clothing stores in general, and you will probably feel more confident as a result of investing in this type of underwear. Simply throw your bodycon outfit over the top and you’ll be slinking your way down the street!

Of course, a bodycon dress being tight means that you need to try and not show off any visible lines - a VPL under a bodycon is not a good look. You can do that by making sure that your underwear fits you properly, and looking into shapewear that has ‘no lines’. It’s out there, don’t worry!

Is There Anyone Who Shouldn’t Wear a Bodycon Dress?

The reason we ask this question is because this type of dress seems to come with a fear factor label attached to it. The bottom line is that nobody should avoid wearing a bodycon dress if they won’t want to wear one, or if they don’t feel confident. If you’re not too sure, how about going for a heavily patterned option, because the pattern will hide any lumps or bumps you’re not happy with, rather than a one colour affair, which might highlight them a little more.

Of course, we are all differently shaped, so if you have narrow hips and wider shoulders, a bodycon dress could emphasise this, but so what? If you love your body, does any of that matter? Bodycon dresses look great on everyone when worn fearlessly!

How to Accessorise a Bodycon Dress

Whether a bodycon outfit is a success or not, doesn’t just depend upon confidence to wear it, but it also hinges on how you accessorise it. A bodycon doesn’t have to be about evenings out, it can be about chilled out days too; a bodycon dress can be made casual with a pair of sporty trainers or pumps, just as it can be dressed up with a pair of heels.

It’s really about creating the look you want, by dressing your bodycon outfit up or down. If you’re looking for a sophisticated night out, a plain black bodycon dress with a pair of sparkly heels and a little jewellry will look more than the part. For a day out shopping, a sporty bodycon with some flats or sneakers/pumps and no jewellry will create the look you’re going for. If you’re dressing for work, throw on some flats and perhaps a jacket or cardigan over the top - instant work-appropriate glamour!

Put simply, bodycon is much more flexible than you think!

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