New Year, New You?

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New Year, New You?

We are finally in a brand-new calendar year and that means all manner of New Year’s resolutions being made. Did you make any?

Many people resolve to lose weight, become healthier, save money, change their jobs, etc. but how many of those people actually keep those resolutions and tick them off their to-do list? Not that many if truth be told!

The reason New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep because they are unrealistic. We have just come out of a festive time of year; a time when we can eat what we want, drink what we want, be jolly and merry, and we’ve been jumping from social event to social event without a care in the world. Of course, January is going to be depressing after all that!

The answer to this is to resolve not to make resolutions, and instead make promises. These are different! Why not promise to change up your style this year?

Trying Something a Little Different

From time to time it can be very easy to fall into a fashion rut. This means that you tend to go for the same outfit on a routine basis, you have several skirts, suits, trousers, and tops on heavy rotation and these are worn throughout the week. You rarely wear anything new, however, you might mix it up occasionally with a bright scarf or an accessory to add in a little extra sparkle.

This is a fashion rut, and it needs to be conquered!

This year, promise yourself to try a few different styles and cuts. Who knows, you might be avoiding a certain type of style you’ve put in a ‘for other people’ box in your mind when in reality it is begging to dress your body! How about body con for example? Many people falsely think that body con is only for a certain type of body shape, but that’s wrong! Body con is for all shapes and sizes; the figure-hugging cut compliments those womanly curves, and if you have an athletic figure, you get to show off your svelte silhouette too!

How about midi skirts? We get so caught up in maxi and mini, that we forget the mid-length cut! Midi skirts look fantastic as part of a workwear wardrobe and can add a little subtle sexiness to your day. When paired with the right blouse or top, a midi skirt hits the power dressing button to perfection but adds that ‘bang on trend’ feel at the same time.

What about your coat? If you’re trudging to work in the January darkness, why not add a splash of colour? A brightly coloured coat will look a treat in the cold weather, and may even raise your mood bar! Look at pinks, yellows, blues, and whites for this season, and pair your new coat with a pair of knee-high boots to form the perfect winter fashion look.

There are many different looks you can try this New Year, and it’s just about pushing the bar a little and being brave enough to just give it a go. What’s the worst that can happen?

Fashion Bravery Will be Rewarded

The great thing about fashion is that it is for everyone, no matter what your age, your culture, your body shape, or anything else which makes you stand out! Nobody is exempt from being fashionable and on trend, and all it takes is the willingness to try. Of course, fashions vary all over the world, and it’s also a great idea to research other trends in other countries and see if you can add in nods to those too. Fashion is about creativity!

The best advice when it comes to changing up your fashion routine this January is to start small. don’t go making huge, sweeping changes straight away, as this will just make you feel self-conscious. Instead, try something small and wait for the compliments. As you get those admiring glances, you’ll feel super-confident, and you’ll want to try something else new.

Start with your work outfits. Instead of wearing trousers every day, opt for that sophisticated midi skirt we mentioned earlier. Instead of wearing court shoes, try out those knee-high boots. Look at trends and see how you can incorporate them, e.g. a peplum hem blouse with your work outfit could really push the bar and show a new fashionable side to your character!

Of course, it could also come down to different colours. If you’ve always played it safe and stuck to understated colours, e.g. black, grey, navy blue, and white, mix it up and throw in some bright hues! Keep your trousers or skirt black for safety, and throw in a pink blouse! How about a blue midi skirt and a black top? Being a little brave with colour is a great way to bring brightness to those cold January days.

However, you’re choosing to mix up your fashion choices this coming year, simply make the promise to yourself that you will give it a go. Fashion ruts are boring. Fashion ruts do not scream style, they scream monotony.

Monotony isn’t fun, but fashion can be!



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