Outfit Planning For The Upcoming Festive Season?

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Outfit Planning For The Upcoming Festive Season?

As the nights start to get darker and the temperatures start to fall, we inevitably turn our attention towards the positive things that Autumn and Winter bring. Cosy nights in, no need to sweat it out in the Summer temperatures anymore, and new clothes to buy and wear!

Of course, Autumn means Halloween, November and December mean Bonfire Night evenings out, Christmas on the horizon, and New Year parties. Whilst it might be colder, there are certainly many things to look forward to when the new season arrives!

One thing which most people start to think about is what they’re going to wear at many upcoming functions. December tends to be a month packed with events of some kind, whether it’s hosting friends in your home, to going out for work-related functions. All of this requires planning a large degree!

Are you someone who will happily wear the same outfit twice? Or, are you someone who needs a new outfit for every event? Whichever camp you fall into, planning is key.

Halloween Parties

Ah, the wonder of Halloween! Once upon a time we never really paid much attention to Halloween, other than the kids getting dressed up as various ghosts and ghouls, and heading off knocking on doors for ‘Trick or Treat’. This wasn’t traditionally something for adults to get involved in, but nowadays things have changed. With the surge in Halloween parties and popularity, we need to be on the ball in terms of what to wear!

Now, this is predominantly a fancy dress kind of affair, but there are ways you can use basics in your wardrobe, or new basic pieces and incorporate them for ease and comfort.

For instance, anything dark in colour is ideal for wearing underneath your Halloween outfit. Maybe you want to go dressed as Dracula, or a witch, in that case, black is key. Black tights, a black skirt, a black top, and throw on the makeup for extra pizzaz, with a hat to finish off the look. Easy! If you’re a guy going as Dracula, again, black pants, a white shirt, and a black jacket, throw on some makeup and a pair of fangs - done!

Halloween parties don’t have to be about elaborate costumes which cost a fortune.

Bonfire Night Extravaganza

You might not have Bonfire Night on your radar, and that’s fine, but if you live somewhere which does have fireworks and bonfires on 5 November (or around that day), then you’ll want a functional, yet fashionable, outfit to see you through. For this one, think warm, think cosy, and think layers.

It’s cold out there!

Boots are a must, and jeans are a good idea because they will keep you warm, but look the part at the same time. Skinny jeans tucked into boots look great. Also, a thick-knit jumper never goes out of fashion, with a warm coat, hat, scarf, and gloves. Warm yet fashionable!

Guys, you can really follow the same advice, and go for boots, not sneakers/trainers, as the ground is likely to be rather soggy at this time of year! Just think warm but think matching pieces, and go for layers at all times.

Of course, you’re likely to need to wash it all as soon as you get home, as it’s likely to have a distinct aroma of bonfire smoke about it!

Christmas and New Year Parties And Events

Ah, the biggest month of the year, and one that everyone plans out to the letter! Whether you’re meeting friends for cocktails, you have a Christmas office party to attend, or you’re hosting something of your own you will need an outfit to impress. For this time of year? It’s all about sparkle!

The question is, do you buy something new, something which is literally only going to be worn once? Do you recycle an old outfit? Or do you dress up something basic? Buying something new which is likely to only see the light of day once is not going to be cost effective. A prom-style dress will look fantastic, that’s for sure, but if you can’t hand on heart say you’re going to wear it again, it’s possibly a better idea to go for something more versatile. If on the other hand, you’re happy to recycle that outfit and wear it more than once - go for it!

Basic pieces can easily be dressed up for Christmas and New Year parties and functions. All you need is jewellery, heels, a sparkly bag of some kind, and the right type of makeup. You could easily wear black trousers and a sophisticated top for this type of event, it doesn’t have to be about huge dresses!

Guys, the same goes for you-you can get away with black jeans to a more low-key event, or you can just throw on a pair of black trouser and a smart shirt. You do not have to go for full-on glamour if budget is low, or you’re simply not feeling to buy an outfit you can’t justify wearing more than once or twice.

The whole point of this time of year? Enjoyment. That’s really what matters most. Wear something you are comfortable in, and if that means mixing and matching basic pieces with jewellery and accessories, go for it!

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