Summer Style to Turn Heads!

Summer Style to Turn Heads!

Summer is almost upon us, and whilst we might still be in our big coats, for the time being, believe us, it’s on the horizon, it’s coming!

Summer is the time to head outside and enjoy the weather, but of course, you want to turn heads at the same time. Winter is all about coats and scarves, whereas summer is all about anything you want it to be! So, how can you be sure you’re rocking the right looks this season, and remain cool at the same time?

Maxi dresses are the female go to for the summer months, but can easily be incorporated into spring too. Simply throw on a denim jacket as the temperatures cool towards the end of the afternoon, and you’re good to go. Of course, denim is always a big trend, but this year the double denim look is back!

For the last few years we were told never to go back to back with denim, but this season you can ignore that advice and denim it up as much as you like! Ripped jeans and denim jackets are a spring staple, but when the temperatures decide to hit their peak, you can go with ripped denim shorts and cute cami tops, denim skirts, and teem it all with a funky pair of Converse, or similar sporty pumps.

We’re basically heading back to our schools days, but giving it a more adult twist!

What about the guys? Combat-style clothing is back this coming season, so long combat shorts will have you bang on trend, with a fitted tee to finish off the look. If you don’t want to bear your legs just yet, long combat-style pants are a spring look you can easily adopt. Of course, jeans for guys will never go out of fashion, and just like the women’s style, make sure they’re ripped and casual in theme.

Clashing Patterns, For Real?

Another real trend we’re seeing this upcoming summer season is clashing patterns. It might make you shake your head in wonder, but patterns which don’t quite go are a big thing! Avoid clashing colours, and instead, we’re talking about patterns which don’t quite compliment each other, but somehow just walk the line between acceptable, and ‘oh no!’

The good news is that you can save your feet this summer. As we’ve mentioned before, Converse-style pumps are a big thing, and these can easily be worn with dresses, for an off duty, day time look. You don’t necessarily have to go for the big brand sneakers if you’re trying to save cash, but make sure that the ones you choose are more towards the famous Converse style, rather than full on running shoes!

The great news for this summer season is that everything is laid-back and chill, and you don’t have to try too hard to hit the major style marks. The good news is that summer trends for this coming year are therefore great for everyone, no matter what your budget and what your dress size.

Okay, jeans shopping is a nightmare for women, this is something we are quite aware of, but by choosing a style which suits your body shape you can cut down on the headache of the purchasing process. Straight leg jeans are a universally flattering style, and whilst skinny might be painful for some, straight leg is a good piece of middle ground. Again, make sure there is a rip somewhere on the leg to fit in with this style’s style, with fraying giving you even more fashion kudos points.

High waisted jeans are a flattering option too, pulling in and shaping the part of the body which most women are a little censorious of. You shouldn’t bury this in layers however, everyone can wear this look! A shorter length top looks great with high waisted jeans, no matter what your body shape, and if it’s got stripes on it, for a cool Parisian look, even better!

Hitting those summertime fashion highs are easier this season than ever before. Rock your denim, enjoy those maxi dress vibes, and throw on some comfortable pumps for the ultimate in 2019 summer style!

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