The Challenges of Summer Fashion

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The Challenges of Summer Fashion

Summer is a wonderful time of year. The sun is shining (hopefully), everyone is outside enjoying the temperatures (again, hopefully), and everything just feels that much lighter as a result.

Whilst that might be a very favourable description for the warmest season of the year, it’s not always full of unicorn hugs. For a start, summer fashion has a few, shall we say, challenges, attached to it?

Blisters, chafing, sudden drops in temperature, a constant need for a manicure, and that’s before we get onto swimwear! Yes, summer fashion is slightly more difficult to deal with than winter, when you can simply get wrapped up in the cosiest items and hope for the best!

The good news is that these challenges can easily be rectified, they simply need a little pre-planning, and a few items to be kept close. For instance plasters. Every single new pair of summer shoes requires plasters. If you’ve been wearing boots and full shoes all winter time, the moment you bust out the flip flops you’re going to get that annoying blister right between your big toe and the one residing next to it. It hurts, and there’s no way to avoid the rubbing because that’s how your foot relies on the shoe staying put! The answer? Talcum powder and plasters! As your foot gets used to the flip flop and the sensitive piece of skin between your toes hardens up as summer progresses, you’ll have less and less problems.

 The second problem? A problem that both men and women face, and one which nobody really likes to talk about. Chafing. Yes, ladies and gents, as the temperatures rise, skin likes to stick to other pieces of skin and rub until a fire feels like it’s about to spontaneously begin. It’s annoying, it’s painful, and it leaves a rather unattractive red rash in that spot for a good few days afterwards. The answer? Well, you can opt for a rather expensive chafing cream if the problem is severe, or you could go down the cheaper and simpler route, and use your good friend talcum powder. Simply liberally douse the predicted chafing area with a little talc before you go out, and keep it in your bag for top-ups. Of course, be careful of white powdery patches, but after that, you should be good to go!

Blisters and chafing are two of summer’s biggest challenges, for sure, but another is the sudden drop in temperatures that nobody predicted! Whether you’re in the UK, the US, anywhere in Europe or somewhere else entirely, climate change means that we can never be 100% sure what the weather is going to do. It looks clear and sunny, and the forecast predicts it to stay that way, but what happens, in reality, could be an entirely different thing altogether!

There is a good answer to this, and it lies in one of the season’s biggest trends - the denim jacket. Throw on a lightweight denim jacket and roll up the sleeves slightly and you have a piece of clothing that not only ticks the solution box of the problem at hand, but you get fashion kudos points at the same time! If it’s a sudden downpour, the other piece of advice is to remember that we do not live in predictable times, and always keep a small micro-umbrella in your bag!

So, what is your summer must-have list to avoid these rather annoying challenges?

  • A small umbrella
  • A lightweight jacket, denim is ideal
  • Plasters
  • Vaseline - yes, dry, burnt lips can easily be solved with a little dab of Vaseline!
  • Sun lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Talcum powder
  • Antihistamines for sudden bouts of hay fever
  • A bottle of water, because dehydration is not a good look!

That should be it! If you can keep that little lot close to you whilst you’re out and about, you should be able to survive any challenge which summer throws at you, and you’ll look effortlessly stylish whilst you’re doing it!.

Whilst summer might be a little tricker compared to the predictability for the winter months, it’s far more fun, let’s be honest. Summer holidays are on the horizons, sun-soaked barbecues, days off in the garden, and cocktails at sunset. What could be better?

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