Which Skirt is The Best Skirt?

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Which Skirt is The Best Skirt?

Skirts in some guise have been around since the dawn of the cavewoman. A symbol of femininity, but a piece of fashion which can be dressed up or down according to your needs, a skirt is the ultimate flexible wardrobe essential.

Despite that, there are so many skirt styles out there, it can be hard to decide which is most suitable.

Do you go for mini, maxi, midi? Do you go denim, bodycon, or do you opt for lace? The options are endless and finding the right choice could make or break your outfit.

Luckily, there are a few rules to live by when it comes to choosing your skirt and accessorising it accordingly. Firstly, let’s talk length.

Let’s Talk Skirt Length

We shouldn’t call these ‘rules’, because rules are actually made to be broken! Let’s consider them guidelines, but something you should bear in mind when deciding on the right length of the skirt for your particular needs.

Firstly, what is the occasion or setting? Is it work? Is it an evening out? Is it cold? Is it warm? Where exactly are you going?

You don’t want to wear a skirt which is too short for work, because there are etiquette rules that we need to abide by. You also need to think about the shoes you’re going to wear. An extreme mini skirt worn with skyscraper heels is going to show everyone tomorrow’s washing. Apologies, but we need to tell it how it is. Be modest, but if you want to flaunt your legs, do it in the best way. Remember, less is sometimes more!

To go somewhere in the middle, how about choosing a combination mini and midi? Midi sits just below the knee or sometimes mid-calf. These skirts don’t suit everyone. For instance, someone who is apple shaped might find it difficult to find a midi skirt style to suit their body shape. That’s not to say it’s impossible, but the material is key here.

Many midi skirts are made of extremely elastic materials, which are great for fitting everyone, but if there is a pattern on that skirt, you may find it stretches too much over the hips in some cases. Trying on the skirt is therefore vital. On the flip-side, this is a great way to show off your curves!

A personal favorite will always be the maxi skirt. The ultimate in bohemian vibes, maxi skirts suit every single body shape, and you can accessorise them in order to dress them up or down according to the situation.

There is one rule which fashion basically dictates, and if not fashion, then society - if you’re going to show off your legs, cover up your cleavage. If you’re going to show off what God gave you, wear a longer skirt. This will give you that sexy ‘less is more’ balanced look, and will avoid going too far in one direction. Nobody wants to look trashy, and sophisticated and chic is always a better option!

The Best Way to Rock a Bodycon Skirt

This leads us onto a very popular trend, and one which shows no signs of going anywhere. Body con. Body con dresses can look fantastic when worn the right way, but they are something which many people steer clear of, especially those who aren’t so body confident in their own shape. The reason for this is probably because of how clingy the body con style is, but opting for a skirt instead of a dress makes body con a very wearable look.

A body con skirt can be worn high waisted or regularly on the waist. For anyone who is a little conscious of their belly, wearing the skirt high and going for a pattern is a great way to minimise the appearance of the stomach. The rule here is also to go for something oversized on the top. This style looks fantastic, especially when paired with a pair of heels.

For instance, a monochrome patterned body con skirt, worn high on the waist, with a white oversized shirt tucked in and a pair of black heels - perfect combination and one which will suit any body shape!

If you’re unsure of the tucked in look, the body con skirt looks equally as fantastic with an oversized top worn untucked too. One rule, however - go for height with shoes, to balance out your proportions.

Skirts are fashion staples and they have evolved over the years. From the huge billowing Victorian-era skirts to the ultra-minis of the swinging ’60s, this is a style icon which will continue to evolve and continue to stay in our lives for many a year to come. Finding the right way to wear it for your individual needs is the key to a major fashion win.


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