Why Denim is Your Friend This Season

Why Denim is Your Friend This Season

Look around the High Street and you’ll see one common theme - denim.

Now, you might be wondering why we’re highlighting this, because denim has never gone out of fashion, and probably never will. The reason is that it’s far more prevalent than it has ever been before, and it’s not just about jeans!

Denim is a material which suits every single person. Okay, finding the ideal pair of jeans might be a drama for some, but once you’ve found them, you’re good to go for a very long time to come. This season, however, you’ll be all about denim shorts, denim cut-offs, denim dresses, dungarees, jeans, and the iconic denim jacket.

Yes, denim is making huge waves for the spring and summer season!

Everyone has a pair of jeans or two in their wardrobe, but this season you will notice skinny, high waisted, and ripped jeans are extremely common. This is a laid-back, chilled-out look for the warmer season, and can easily be dressed up with a shirt for the guys, or a pair of heels for the ladies. This is a style which leaves nobody out, with a fit to suit every body type out there.

If you’re keen to wear summer’s iconic maxi dress, but the evenings are still a little on the chilly side, denim has the answer for you - a denim jacket. You will no doubt have seen countless denim jackets in fashion magazines and on rails for the last few weeks, and this iconic style is certainly back. You might even have one in your wardrobe from a few years ago, and that means recycling it and saving cash! Try rolling up the sleeves for summer, chilled-out look which will have you firmly bang on trend, no matter what you wear it with.

The Perils of Double Denim?

For a long time, we were told that double denim should be avoided at all costs. It seems the rules have changed because nowadays you can rock double denim and be seriously in fashion!

The only guideline if you do want to go back to double denim is that the two shades of denim compliment each other. It’s not a good idea to go for light denim on the bottom and dark on the top or vice versa. This is a trend which you need to play around with and find the combinations which work, but if the two shades are at odds with each other, the chances are that you’re more likely to look like you’ve thrown an outfit together, rather than styled it!

Of course, if the summer temperatures do happen to reach the top end of the mercury, you might think that denim is going to be far too hot; not so! Denim shorts have long been a high temperature stable, and denim skirts too. If you find the thickness of denim a little too much, however, you can go for a mock denim skirt, shorts, or shirt too. There are many options which mirror the shade and texture of denim, but are actually made of cotton, to give you greater air circulation when the temperatures are high!

How to Find The Perfect Jeans

We’ve touched upon it already, but for some people, women especially, finding the ideal pair of jeans can be a rather long and arduous task.

Sizes can vary wildly from one store to another, and the size you are generally isn’t always the size you need to go for in a pair of jeans! The single best way to find the ideal pair is to try them on and move around in them for a few minutes. If they feel too tight, do bear in mind that denim tends to ‘give’ a little after it’s been worn. Having said that, they shouldn’t make it hard to breathe or move!

The other thing which can be an issue is finding a pair of jeans which fits the hips and waist simultaneously. If you have this problem, don’t despair; it’s actually something which many people struggle with, women especially. Again, take your time and try many pairs on. It’s also a good idea to throw the rule book out of the window when it comes to sizing, and simply go with what feels comfortable to you. It’s not unusual for a size 12 women to need a size 14 in jeans, or even higher in some cases. It’s a label, it’s not a guideline for life!

This season’s denim invasion could really be considered an investment. So, stock up on those skirts, shirts, jeans, jackets, and dresses, because they’re certainly going to be around for a long time to come, and will probably circle back around again in a few years!

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