Why Fashion is Everything

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Why Fashion is Everything

You might consider this to be a superficial statement, but in today’s world, fashion is literally everything if you want to get noticed.

Of course, personality shines through, natural beauty is key, and our actions dictate our future, but in terms of first impressions, and in terms of getting noticed, turning heads, fashion is the key to it all.

Yes ladies and gents, fashion really is everything in this world we live in.

To prove this point, let’s explore an example.

Do you remember the shell suits of the ‘80s and early ‘90s? Most of us had one (go on, admit it), and most of us wore them with pride. They were the ‘thing to be seen in’, and anyone who was anyone wore theirs with as much colour and pattern as could be fit into the material’s length. It could well be that the more colour there was, the greater the impression!

So, those shell suits were considered the ‘in’ thing, but nowadays? Walk down the street in a shell suit these days and the fashion police may very well turn up; you’ll be turning heads for the wrong reasons completely.

Can you see how fashion changes, and how the perception of those around you changes according to what you’re wearing? You’d have been considered bang on trend in the ‘80s, but now? Wear one of those colourful bad boys and you’ll be a fashion outcast!

Superficial? Yes. True? Completely.

It is for this reason that it’s vital to know about fashion, but also to dress for your shape, your own personal style, and to know what looks good on you. If you can do this, you’ll be in the spotlight for the positive reasons you need.

The Importance of First Impressions

It’s a common fact that our first impression of someone lasts quite a while. Think about people you’ve met lately for the first time, what did you notice first? You’d probably love to say it was their kind eyes, the way they smiled in that coy fashion, or their welcoming words, but be real - it was probably what they were wearing. This is what most of us notice. If someone is wearing a hideous outfit, we’ll notice it and form a negative first impression, or something to laugh about. If someone is wearing a gorgeous outfit, something which compliments them and looks great, we’ll remember them for positive reasons, and probably tell our friends about them too.

Harsh, but true.

First impressions are vital because many people choose not to speak to someone again if they make a bad first impression! Changing that impression can be super difficult, and in the business world especially, a bad first impression can mean lost business and therefore lost revenue. It is for this reason that businesses make sure their reception areas, and indeed their receptionists, are well turned out and well dressed as a minimum standard.

Your clothes make up a huge part of what your first impression is, so it stands to good reason that you should know what your own personal style is, but above all else you should be comfortable in whatever that style is. If you can do that, you’ll feel confident and it’ll shine through to everyone you meet. See, clothes are everything!

Dressing For Your Body Shape

It’s not just what you wear, but it’s also the way you wear it. What is your body shape? We’re all different, so what looks great for one person might not look fantastic for someone else. For instance, a curvy woman looks fantastic in wrap dresses and maxi dresses; it knocks the socks off and turns heads for every positive reason. On the other hand, an athletic figure might not look so great in a wrap dress, because they don’t have the curves to fill it.

Flip this around - a curvy girl may not be able to pull off a certain kind of bodycon dress, because she doesn’t feel confident in it, but an athletic figure can.

We all have our own styles, and we all wear them in different ways, but it’s how we feel in that outfit that really makes it or breaks it.

Identify your body shape and work it. Find out what compliments it and flaunt whatever you were given! Never feel ashamed or negative about any part of your body, fashion is there to fit every single person, and there is a look to give you the confidence boost you need. Fashion is your friend, it is not your enemy.

Feeling Great in Your Look

Perhaps the biggest lesson in all of this is perception. If you feel great, you exude confidence, and you create positive first impressions. Again, this is about dressing for that body shape and knowing that you’re comfortable. Feeling great in the way you look will make you conquer the world in one day - all down to fashion!

Can you see where we’re getting at here? Fashion is everything not just because it looks great, and not just because you’re wearing the latest label or the latest look, but because fashion makes you feel fantastic, it makes you want to take on the world and win, and it makes you exude a confidence that nothing else can give you.

Fashion is everything because it enhances your self-esteem and pushes you to take chances you might never have taken.

So, is it time to update your wardrobe?

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